AutoExpress's Future Saab 9-5; Is it Accurate?

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

The UK's AutoExpress speculates on a future Saab 9-5 based on the designs introduced in its Aero X concept at the Geneva Show earlier this year. Be careful, says Trollhattan Saab — AE doesn't have the best track record for speculative accuracy. Still, they say, the spec images (pictured) appear similar to those that showed up in Germany's more reliable Auto Motor und Sport last month, and in a backdrop illustration at a speech by GM Europe's design boss Brian Nesbitt. We do hear that the next 9-5 will be heavily informed by the design direction introduced with the Aero X, so expect a pretty considerable dollop of Aeroness. Stay tuned.


The future's orange for new Saab 9-5 [AutoExpress]

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Predicting the Saab 9-4x: Replacing the 9-7x?; Saab Unveils Aero-X Concept at Swank Geneva Hotel [internal]


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So is this a stretched Epsilon, or is it on the Impala/Lucerne/DTS platform?