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The Auto Union Type C was a marvel of motorsports technology, the Audi e-tron concept's a marvel of modern design and electronics. Put them together in the guts of a child's pedal car, and there's Richie Rich's next Christmas present.


Audi's Auto Union Type C e-tron study is on display at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. At its base is Audi's $15,900 limited-edition Type C pedal car sold through Audi dealers. But with an electric motor added, it can reach 18.64 mph. Not bad, though the original could spin its wheels at 100 mph. Then again, your kid's not Bernd Rosemeyer.


The study's 1.5-hp (29.5 lb/ft) electric motor gets power from a lithium-ion battery that takes two hours to charge on a 230v socket. Range is around 15.5 miles, which wouldn't be terrible if everything in the world were at 1:12 scale.

[via Gizmag]

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