Auto Show Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicle Threat Level Downgraded To Orange

The Chicago Auto Show's normally a reliable home for new post-apocalyptic survival vehicles. This year it seems the threat of apocalypse has been downgraded from red to orange because there just aren't that many new offerings.


Trucks being a far more ruggedly designed vehicle class are a natural choice for a world populated by zombies, bombed into a nuclear winter, in the throes of a modern plague or just suffering from a serious and worldwide case of the Mondays. So the Chicago Auto Show, being widely known as a show biased towards trucks, has almost always had tons of perfect end-times rides. Last year we were able to put together a great list of twelve awesome new post-apocalyptic survival vehicles. This year, not so much. The truckish unveils at Chicago included the Silverado HD and the Transit Connect Electric and Taxi — not really apocalypse grade rides. So how about this, in addition to the regular big-n-brawny selections, we're going to venture a bit outside the norm for this year's selections.

Click through to get our take on the best post-apocalyptic survival vehicles at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show

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