Auto Show Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicle Threat Level Downgraded To Orange

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The Chicago Auto Show's normally a reliable home for new post-apocalyptic survival vehicles. This year it seems the threat of apocalypse has been downgraded from red to orange because there just aren't that many new offerings.


Trucks being a far more ruggedly designed vehicle class are a natural choice for a world populated by zombies, bombed into a nuclear winter, in the throes of a modern plague or just suffering from a serious and worldwide case of the Mondays. So the Chicago Auto Show, being widely known as a show biased towards trucks, has almost always had tons of perfect end-times rides. Last year we were able to put together a great list of twelve awesome new post-apocalyptic survival vehicles. This year, not so much. The truckish unveils at Chicago included the Silverado HD and the Transit Connect Electric and Taxi — not really apocalypse grade rides. So how about this, in addition to the regular big-n-brawny selections, we're going to venture a bit outside the norm for this year's selections.


Click through to get our take on the best post-apocalyptic survival vehicles at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show

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The fully burdened cost of fuel in afghanistan (a plausible proxy for a hostile region with no immediately available source) is around $400 a gallon, according to the pentagon. That's a pretty significant reason why the cost of keeping zombie-proof vehicles on the road runs into the millions of dollar per vehicle per year (about $1 billion in total costs to field a thousand soldiers).

One has to consider whether the more appropriate zombie apocalypse vehicle is in fact a bicycle, a horse or feet. all of which are probably cheaper to operate and more manageable than trying to pay off the Humongus from mad max to keep him from sacking your fuel truck again.