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Finally, a kid that can drive themselves to school and all their activities alone!

Damn Elizabeth, awesome article!

Excellent history and memorial.

Thought for Frankie; Done. What a story.

I’m a big fan of starting early. I’ve taught several kids using the hack 70 series flatbed we use for fencing and feed runs. They get to learn to use a clutch and yes its a bit rough and clunky but they don’t care. Read more

We put beach chairs and a rug on our roof rack. Glamping at Watkins!

A cheap rooftop box is a great solution for where to put your stuff when you’re sleeping. MPG isn’t getting any worse, right? I’ve slept in my Expedition EL more than a few times, and it’s definitely better than being on the ground, especially if the weather gets bad. The pop-out side windows provide some nice Read more

You know, who cares that the Burb gets 3mpg while parked over the weekend - it’s what you got and you’re making great use of it. Read more

Way to go, Elizabeth! The back of the Suburban actually looks like a comfortable spot to me. For a few nights at a time it would be great, but I also like the idea of an occasional hotel room for a hot shower and clean sheets.

This is the most jalop shit ever. “We bought a house. Money’s tight. Tons of work to do. Guess we’ve got no choice but to buy a 30 year old project car!

On the one hand, I couldn’t fathom traveling cross country, living in a Suburban. Read more

All I wanna know is where you’re going and how much fun you’ve had when all is said and done. Car camping isn’t for everyone but I’m super into it, I’m working on saving for a 4x4 of some sort in the near future and I’m gonna be doing a lot of this when I get it. Read more

I’d like to know the exact moment you both go batshit crazy because you can’t stand up after you wake up in the morning.

Sorry to be off topic and somewhat flippant, but it just struck me that there’s another Elizabeth who’s famous for her use of “My husband and I”. Read more

I would read off every single word of the name every time someone asked me about it like I’m out here reciting my bougie bitch Starbucks order because I want you to know it’s the [parsh]. I’d drink out of a [parsh] water bottle and wear nothing but one of seven [parsh] shirts I would also own. I would wake up Read more

It was a fine parade, but when does the race actually start?