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Yes! I essentially moved in for a full day lol

I mean yea it happens in a lot of horror movies but some just really dig deep on the whole mutilation thing

a horror movie that focuses specifically on showing very grotesque and disturbing violations or mutilations of the human body. Think: Alien, The Human Centipede, Rosemary’s Baby — stuff where fucking up a human body is the centerpiece of the movie 

Basic and Enhanced refer to the Autopilot systems already in place, upon which FSD is built. So, if you have Basic Autopilot, you’ll have to pay more to add the FSD feature because you have to compensate for extra features that are available on Enhanced FSD. I’m sorry that I didn’t make that clear! Read more

Money is always a very big motivating factor — I think organizers started to realize that with the airstrip tracks, since they were located on private property. It gave them a good model for how to start charging at other closed-off events. Read more

This is a great one. Adding to that: I had a driver’s training instructor insist that we lock our doors as soon as everyone was inside. He demonstrated this by having another teacher run up and stage a carjacking as part of one of our tests; the ‘victim’ he chose was random, so you never knew it was coming as part of Read more

That's one hell of an effective way to demonstrate that!

It was truly cursed but I was pleasantly drunk a lot so I wasn’t too bothered

I definitely think there's value in starting early — as long as you have a good teacher. My family just kinda threw me behind the wheel in the worst of all possible situations, haha. 

We did most of our camping at the race track, and Watkins Glen has amazing bathroom and shower facilities! 

Hell yeah!!!! That looks like luxury! 

It actually smells more like chocolate right now because we accidentally left a Twix near the rear window! It hasn’t been awful, though. We bought some Febreeze to spray in the mornings and aired out the car all day with windows wide open. Read more

We've been considering that, honestly. It would have saved a lot of hassle! 

my son is beautiful and I will hear nothing else!!!!!!

Hello! I am not sure! I work all weekends unless I’m told otherwise, and I was not told otherwise. Whether I have to work or anyone else has to work it is still a good time to educate yourself and support Black communities, both today and every day.

Honestly, I anticipate my husband will be ready for a real bed after the first day of driving.

We folded the second row flat and removed the third row!