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Staff Writer at Jalopnik. 2017 Fiesta ST. Wishes NASCAR was more like Daytona USA.

Sounds like Ford and others didn’t just bet big on EVs but bet big that Tesla would keep their prices where they have been for most of the past 3 years. Tesla is really putting the hurt on these guys.  Read more

Yeah, that’s why the E division is considered an startup, is expected to lose a lot of money in the beginning, just like Tesla did for many years. Read more

This won’t be my last contribution to Jalopnik — you should hear a little more from me next week — but my time here is coming to an end.” Read more

Heard that Ford slashed Mach-E prices/was giving good incentives and that dealers had unmoving inventory that they were keen to move. Looked at my local dealer website and saw they have 6-8 Mach-E. 3 were GT models for 67-70k and the rest didn’t reach below 45k. I laughed and noped so hard I didn’t even look at Read more

It’s pretty clear why Ford split-off the EV division as a separate company.
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Here’s a few ways to get that itch scratched:

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Looks more like an R33/Silvia mixed with supra from the back to me. This feature would be awesome for a Burnout reboot. They already have their own fictional vehicles, having you create your own car for each class would just make sense to me.

I think what we need is Squad, the devs behind Kerbal Space Program, and Codemasters to collaborate and make a new Grid with custom car builds. It could be the perfect blend of sim-ish racing, owning a club where you build your own cars (maybe a little less technical than KSP), a tight, focused campaign with no open Read more

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You could do that to an extent in Supercar Street Challenge. I rented it once and don’t remember anything else about it other than the create-a-car mode and the Saleen branding everywhere.

The old PC game Street Rod let you build your own cars, and it was a lot of fun. I would love to see a modern take on that game.

I love how “branding” is always the problem. They’re just not “connecting” with customers. They need to “refocus” to drive “emotional engagement.” Read more

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Every time I see something about SUVs “not being big enough”, I’m always reminded of the Grand Theft Auto III commercial Maibatsu Monstrosity. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this mindset has been going on for more than 20 years. As the commercial so aptly puts it: “Mine is Bigger!”

I feel like all the electric options are too big, lol. I don’t think anything’s as small as the hatchback I have now. But I’m an American that lives in a city *scary hands*, so I know don’t matter to the industry.

The Bolt’s the closest I think, but even that’s nearly a foot longer.  Read more

There’s never been a more expensive time to drive a new car, never been a cheaper time to pretend you’re driving a new car. Read more

I went with the F-GT Lite right before they released the GT Lite Pro, the camping chair foldables are fantastically stable for what they are.
Way better than clamped to the desk style.

One thing to remember though.  These DD (Direct-Drive) wheels can have A LOT of torque, and as such, just clamping one to your desk is not going to be a good time.  Something like a Playseat Trophy is your best bet.  (Looks over shoulder at Playseat Trophy with Logitech Pro DD wheel and pedals attached). Read more

Brook makes an adapter, Ras1ution, for wheels for future-proofing Read more

I’m pretty sure that the kit you linked for the Xbox is NOT compatible with the Xbox. Read more