Adam Ismail
Staff Writer at Jalopnik. 2017 Fiesta ST. Wishes NASCAR was more like Daytona USA.

I can’t say yet but I’m not disappearing! And nobody’s fading away! Nothing stays the same forever and there are still better writers here than me who actually know how to turn a wrench. Read more

True, but that Logi Pro DD puts out 11 Nm. If you are sticking with 5 Nm and have a sturdy desk, you might be OK desk mounting. With the Boost Kit though, yeah, I agree. Read more

Good catch, I’ve updated the story with this info. The CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 wheel is compatible with Xbox and costs $80 more than the default option. The round WRC-branded wheel is the same price. Thanks! Read more

Bauhaus Doodads is gonna be the name of my cover band Read more

Yeah Heat was so over the top but it made the police force a good enemy, and of course the chief was super corrupt in that game. I don’t have qualms with “politics in my games” or whatever, but between what you mentioned and ASAP Rocky’s rambling in the car in that one mission, Unbound acted like it was making this Read more

I think there’s a difference between a true narrative in the way NFS has historically had one (including Unbound) and something like Horizon now, which is more just context. Like there are some familiar characters, but there’s not much of an overarching narrative aside from “win everything.” As a result, for me those Read more

Really a shame that PSVR2 isn’t getting the support it deserves. At least there’s GT7... Read more

Right — spec with choice of supplier. Thanks for the clarification. Read more

The unfortunate truth there is that much of what they didn’t release for GT Sport they were just holding back for GT7. Tracks like Watkins and Road Atlanta were apparently visible in GTS’ back end for a long time. Read more

This one looks good, but then Alpine’s design was never the problem. “Performance brand” is a meaningless lane that every automaker’s trying to contort themselves into these days, and to me this sounds more like Renault’s Cupra than Renault’s Porsche. That’s the fear. Read more

I dunno, saying “we fixed the problem” but also “in the chance that injury/death occurs, shit happens and also it has nothing to do with that thing we definitely fixed” sounds like a pretty excellent way to cover your ass from any responsibility at all Read more

There’s a rumor that it was supposed to be a setup for a story mode that got cut. Totally unsubstantiated though. Read more

Oh I’m acutely aware of the DS2's analog face buttons and the arthritis I now have from having to mash that damn accelerator in every racing game. The range of motion with those buttons is so shallow versus a full trigger, which is why I never found it beneficial at all. It’d just make my thumbs hurt having to press Read more

I should have tried this while I was in the car but I did not, sadly. Read more

Yup, made in China. Price is even more impressive when you consider the 27.5% tariff on imports from there. Read more