Australian Sculptor Fiddles With Car Bits

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Daniel Clammett, a New South Wales sculptor and bodyman, got his start due to nearly failing an art class. As a last-ditch measure to obtain a passing grade, he welded up some kind of monster in his dad's body shop, and Bob's your uncle, the piece sold. He only uses dented-beyond-repair panels in his pieces, saying "I do believe that if I were to go and pull a new bonnet off a car and work with it, well for me that is sacrilege, that's a good part, you don't mess with a good part." But via his art, the bad parts become good parts again. And thus is the circle of life completed. Or something.

His art is a car wreck [ABC, Australia]

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I'm sorry, but I find myself giggling everytime uses the word "bonnet" to describe a hood.