Simply put, you will not believe that the drivers in this video survived the crash that they show to you.

But they did, thanks to good luck and a better roll cage on their Subaru. Sean Keating and Caleb Ash, both five-point harnessed into their little Subaru, survived more flips, spins, and rolls than they could count and came away with little more than a scratch.


That was from when a piece of the Australian forest pierced through the car and nearly on through Mr. Keating. As he himself describes:

You might think I’m gritting my teeth a bit. We actually had a stick come through the front window. Almost got my dick!


The rally organizers who uploaded the video concluded the whole thing with a sense of perspective:

The fact that Sean and Cash can make light of the situation in this description of their incident is a testament to the safety equipment and procedures employed in Rallying.

Cut the corners off your toast, but never ever cut corners when it comes to your safety gear.


(Hat tip to Steve!)