Australian Man Pays Parking Ticket In 5c Coins But The Joke's On Him

An unidentified driver in Adelaide recorded himself paying a $60 parking ticket in five cent coins last Friday. Unfortunately, it appears that the Adelaide city council has the upper hand.

The video, which has already racked up 296,065 views on YouTube and 172,511 on LiveLeak, shows the fined driver asking "Is cash alright?" before dumping 1,200 coins on the receptionist's counter.

The cashier affirmed that she could not accept the coins, but the fined driver disagreed. A security guard showed up, there was a brief argument, and the fined man left with the words, "I paid. I'm out. Bye. I gave you the money."

Advertisement reports, however, that according to Australian law, anyone can legally refuse payments made with five cent coins for transactions over five dollars. also reports that the man's fine is still considered outstanding and his change is being held in a safe.

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What kind of weak-ass fine is only $60? must have been a parking fine, I guess...