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Austrailian Trev Electric Doesn't Hold Kangaroos, Unfortunately

Illustration for article titled Austrailian Trev Electric Doesnt Hold Kangaroos, Unfortunately

Developed by faculty and students at the University of South Australia is this Green oddly shaped mobile. The designers are pushing this as the future commuter car in Australia. It is capable of going 0-60 in 10 seconds and tops out at a blistering 74 mph. It's range is 93 miles per charge of its lithium ion polymer battery.


Reports say that the cost per usage is $1 AUD per 100 km, which converts into real money as $.87 per 62 miles. You know the vehicle the Ambiguously Gay Duo drives? Yeah, this is that, minus the balls. [Trev via TH]

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Any article about electric vehicles seems to bring out a bunch of anti-greenies. It's a freakin' student built car that gets great range and manages to get decent performance too - give the kids a break!