Audi Working on a Diesel-Powered LeMans Prototype?

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Mulsanne's Corner (where've you been all our lives) is reporting a rumor — from a reliable source, natch — that Audi's next Le Mans Prototype racer could be powered by a diesel V12. Yes, we were shocked too — considering the propensity of diesels to implode under extreme duress (like, say, a really long race). The source says Audi will develop the oil burner as a V12 rather than a V10 for technical reasons.

A V12 will allow for more revs which, while not eliminating reliability issues, moves the stress on the engine from the head bolts to elsewhere.


We suppose that means the funny smell coming from the paddock won't necessarily be from the pit boss's hookah any more. [Thanks to John for the tip.]

10.19.05 [Mulsanne's Corner]

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