If there's anything Audi loves — besides winning Le Mans races — it's putting future-y versions of their cars in movies like I, Robot and Iron Man 3. The upcoming sci-fi film Ender's Game will be next on that list with this sleek ride.

Like the Orson Scott Card book it's based on, Ender's Game is about a young boy whose tactical genius is tapped to save the world from an alien invasion in the future. Though the future seems like kind of a nasty place here, it's still a great opportunity for product placement if you're Audi.

The car will play a role in the film as a "fleet shuttle," and Audi says it's their first "virtual" movie car. That leads me to believe it will be mostly or entirely CGI. Either way, it looks appropriately futuristic (they hate mirrors in the future, apparently) and it should be fun to spot in the film.

And it's good to know that even if the earth has been devastated by alien attacks, there will still be Audis running around, right?