Audi TT RS Heading To Geneva, And This Isn't It

Illustration for article titled Audi TT RS Heading To Geneva, And This Isnt It

Although we know the Audi TT RS will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, this purported teaser circulating the web isn't it.


The folks over at iMotor Mag got the same teaser shot we'd found in our e-mail box over the weekend. They made some calls to the folks at Audi, confirming what we already knew — that the TT-RS is most certainly to be unveiled in Geneva. But this so-called TT-RS teaser is actually an Audi TT mk1 with an optional spoiler affixed to it and as iMotor puts it: "the image is likely the work of someone with Photoshop and plenty of time on their hands over the weekend." [via imotormag]

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