Audi RS7: This Is It

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Now here's a bit of unexpected test-car porn. Quattro World readers caught an apparent Audi RS7 test vehicle in Las Vegas, clad in stealthy matte black and powered by the same 4.0-liter TFSI V8 as the new Bentley Continental GT.

The new, biturbo powerplant is expected to produce upward of 550 hp, making the RS7 a bona-fide AMG beater.


Look closely in the photo above (and in the photo below), and you'll see the RS7's co-tester. If you dream really hard, it might just be the US-elusive RS6 Avant being prepped for this side of the Atlantic.

Illustration for article titled Audi RS7: This Is It

[UPDATE: Yes, the RS7's testmate is an RS6 Avant. Or, as it's pronounced around these parts, the "do want."]

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marimvibe, new packaging, same great taste

Just gonna leave this here:

I'm a little sick of the current power wars. Honestly, the 2002 Z06 had 405hp. Does there really need to be a Camaro with 550+hp? 550hp luxury cars? 10:1 lb/hp gives pretty damn good acceleration. Downsize the engine, spend the money on something else. Use carbon, better suspension bits, whatever. Stop wasting money on stats.

I really don't know what 550hp gets you over 450hp if you're not on a race track.