Audi RS6 Avant or Audi R8, Which Is The Fastest?

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Though Audi claims that both the Audi RS6 Avant and Audi R8 are equally fast to 62 mph and 124 mph, we've always been skeptical as to whether or not the Überwagen of our dreams could actually compete. Thankfully, the folks at EVO mag had a version of each to test out. The bottom line? Almost. Both share a quarter-mile time of 12.7 seconds, but the lighter, 420 HP R8 is faster through 90 mph and the 580 HP RS6 is faster through 150 mph. Not surprisingly, the mid-engined supercar manages to out-brake the much heavier wagon. And what about around the track? EVO took both out to the Bedford Autodrome and determined the RS6 was just 1.4 seconds off of the R8's time of 1:26.5. I guess now we know why the ultimate wagon costs more than $140,000. [EVO via CarScoop]

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On a short track, the R8 probably has an advantage. On a larger track where the RS6 can stretch its legs, I'd have to imagine it would come out on top.

I'd take the RS6 over the R8 any day of the week. Its the supercar of the pair.