Audi RS3 In Development With TT-RS Turbo Mill?

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Not only is the Audi S3 rumored to get bumped up to RS-trim, loose lips are saying it will get the same 340 HP turbo inline-five out of the Audi TT-RS.


A member of Audi's technical development management board told Autovisie Magazine a new RS3 may be forthcoming and with it the massively powerful direct injection turbo 2.5-liter, which propels the TT-RS to a wicked 0-to-62 MPH time of just 4.6 seconds with a near-180 MPH top speed. If it does come down from the mountain expect it to get the same ovular exhaust treatment out back and lampless large-vent design up front, as well as red seat piping and other accents inside.

[Autovisie Magazine via 4wheelsnews]

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...And it won't come here to the states, as it would not only compete directly with the S4/RS4, us Americans clearly have no appreciation for high-performance hatches/wagons, and we would never want any such thing. No sirree, never....