Illustration for article titled Audi R8 Crashes In Portugal, Old Luxury Takes Vengeance

We'd heard "Old Luxury" was pretty pissed over that whole turf war with Audi over luxury buyers since the Super Bowl. You remember, right? Yeah you do — that was when the Audi R8 dropped the horse head faux Bentley grille into "Old Luxury's" bed. Well, anyway, it looks like that hit they've had out there on the Audi brand has finally taken down one of their made men in Portugal. Yup, scratch one R8, paisan! Sure — it looks like an innocent traffic accident, but that's just what "Old Luxury" wants you to believe. All we know is Audi better watch themselves and their Le Mans R8 TDI next week at the New York Auto Show. Or at least get Iron Man in as a hired goombah to protect it. All we know is, we haven't been this upset since that R8 went up in flames a while back.

[via Quatro rodas e um volante!]


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