​Audi Now Has Its Own Branded Smartwatch And Tablet

The consumer electronics convergence is complete. Audi has developed its own tablet for backseat passengers in the Q7 and partnered to create its own smartwatch. It's lifestyle branding in the digital age.

Part of Audi's piloted driving A7 prototype is smartwatch integration, allowing drivers to call the car from their wrist. Audi didn't get into details during its CES press conference, but apparently any old smartwatch won't do. So Audi tapped LG to create the Smartwatch Audi Collection, likely a modified version of the G Watch R, with a few extra knobs on the side.


Based on what we've seen from automaker automakers, it should connect up with any Android smartphone running the latest 5.0 build, and let the driver lock and unlock the doors, sound the horn, and even pre-heat or cool the interior. Audi's mum on details, but we should know more next week.

Audi also announced its first branded tablet, powered by an NVIDIA chip and running an Audi-skinned version of Android. It connects up with the new Q7's onboard LTE to stream music and movies, and it's removable for kiddies on-the-go – not that every Q7 owner's kid doesn't already have an iPad…


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