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Should You Get An Audi Extended Warranty?

Audi dealership.
Audi dealership.
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Audi’s extended warranty helps your car drive smoothly long after the factory warranty expires. But should you get Audi’s plan or go with a third-party provider?


We’ve researched the top extended warranty providers on the market to sift the reputable from the untrustworthy. The best ones offer affordable coverage and plenty of freedom for customization.

To find out how much you would pay for an extended warranty, get a free quote from our top recommended provider Endurance.

In This Review:

Audi Extended Warranty In-Depth Review

Audi’s extended warranty is called Vehicle Service Protection. There are three levels of protection: Powertrain, Gold, and Platinum.

The Powertrain plan covers the engine, transmission, drive axle, and basic hybrid parts. The Gold plan adds coverage for other important systems like suspension and climate control.

Finally, the Platinum plan is comparable to Audi’s factory warranty, though it doesn’t cover quite as many parts. It’s an exclusionary warranty, so it covers anything not listed on the contract.


Here are a few commonalities between the three plans:

  • Coverage up to 10 years/120,000 miles
  • Genuine Audi parts
  • Transferable for $50
  • Cancellable for full refund within 30 days, prorated refund after that
  • Accepted at Audi dealers and some authorized repair centers
  • Deductible options of $0, $100, $100 disappearing, and $250

Here’s a comparison between the three plans:


In addition to the extended warranty, Audi offers the following add-ons:

  • Audi Care prepaid maintenance
  • Tire and wheel protection
  • Guaranteed asset protection
  • Lease end protection
  • Theft protection

Audi Extended Warranty Perks

Audi offers the following perks on all extended vehicle service contracts:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance including towing, battery jump-starts, spare tire installation, lockout service, and fuel delivery
  • Trip interruption of up to $200 per day for five days
  • Rental car reimbursement up to $35 per day for 10 days

These three benefits are fairly standard on all extended warranty plans, though the trip interruption limits are somewhat higher than what other companies provide.


What Audi’s Extended Warranty Doesn’t Cover

Audi’s Powertrain and Gold plans only cover what’s listed on the contract. The Platinum plan covers a lot more, but it still doesn’t cover everything. Here are a few items excluded from warranty coverage:

  • Maintenance items like wiper blades and spark plugs
  • Cosmetic items like upholstery and trim pieces
  • Body panels
  • Wear and tear
  • Mechanical breakdowns covered by Audi’s factory warranty
  • Breakdowns caused by accidents or environmental events
  • Damage from lack of maintenance or pre-existing conditions

The Audi extended warranty is only valid at Audi dealerships or “other authorized service providers.” You’ll have to consult your contract to find out what qualifies as an authorized service provider.


Audi Extended Warranty Cost

When you shop for a new Audi, there’s the sticker price and there’s the price you negotiate. The same is true with an extended warranty. You can’t buy the plan online–you have to contact a dealer yourself. Different dealers can offer the plan for different prices, and one finance department may be more open to negotiation than another.


Looking at an Audi World forum post from 2019, one driver reported the following quote:

  • Platinum plan for 8 years/80,000 miles: $3,565
  • Platinum plan for 10 years/100,000 miles: $4,920

Another driver shared quotes that were about $500 less. We already covered Audi’s expensive repair costs above, so it makes sense that extended warranties would be more expensive, as well. However, we think you can find cheaper plans from third-party providers.


Why You Should Consider Third-Party Providers

The main reason to think about buying a third-party extended car warranty is for the freedom it offers. You’ll have more control over your coverage since many companies offer two or three more warranty options than Audi.


Third-party extended car warranty companies will also let you go to any repair facility certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) for repairs. That opens up your choices to over 30,000 shops across the United States. Also, the Audi extended warranty from the dealer only lasts up to 120,000 miles. That might sound like a lot right now, but what if you wanted to keep driving your car beyond that? Third-party providers like Endurance can cover up to 200,000 miles or more.

Finally, you may be required to buy an Audi extended warranty before your factory warranty runs out. In contrast, you can get an extended warranty from third-party providers at almost any point in time.


Here’s a comparison between Audi’s extended warranty and an Endurance auto warranty:

Audi Extended Warranty

  • Coverage Start Date: Purchase date
  • Longest Term: 120,000 miles
  • Levels of Coverage: 3
  • Deductible: $0, $100, $100 disappearing, or $250
  • Repair Facilities: Audi dealerships and some authorized repair centers
  • Extra Benefits: Roadside assistance, trip interruption, rental car reimbursement
  • How to Purchase: Purchase from dealerships

Endurance Extended Warranty

  • Coverage Start Date: Anytime
  • Longest Term: 200,000 miles
  • Levels of Coverage: 5
  • Deductible: $0, $50, $100, or $200
  • Repair Facilities: U.S. or Canadian ASE-Certified® repair facilities
  • Extra Benefits: Roadside assistance, tire repair/replacement, key fob replacement, member rewards, personal assistant, ID theft protection, repair financing, Endurance Protect App
  • How to Purchase: Get a free quote online or call 877-374-1840

The Bottom Line: Is Audi’s Extended Warranty Worth It?

It’s up to you to decide if you want to save up and pay for repairs on your own or get an extended warranty for your Audi. Having an Audi extended warranty can definitely be worth it, and third-party options can be cheaper and more flexible than Audi’s plan.


To find the best extended car warranty companies, we compared prices, coverage, brand reputation, and customer experience. We recommend getting a free quote for an Endurance auto warranty.


Do You Need An Extended Warranty?

While a Toyota can get you from point A to point B perfectly fine, sometimes you need a bit more oomph. Audi owners have plenty of horsepower options. The 2021 redesigned Audi A4 starts with 201 HP, the 2020 Audi S4 has 349 HP, and the 2020 Audi SQ7 has 500 HP. That’s quite enough for a trip to the grocery store.


And if you love driving your car, you want to keep it in good shape for as long as possible. Unfortunately, Audi vehicles don’t last forever, and you have to deal with repairs as your car ages.

If you’ve ever had multiple repairs at the same time, it can be a headache. You might have to choose what repair to make depending on your budget at the time. With an Audi extended warranty, you don’t have to decide what car repairs are worth it. Instead, you can have peace of mind that repairs are covered and your budget is predictable.


Audi Repair Costs

As a German luxury brand, Audi repairs are going to be a bit more expensive than average repair costs across the industry. According to RepairPal, Audi drivers spend about $987 per year on maintenance and repairs. That’s a significant chunk of change. The industry average is $652 per year.


That $987 is of course just an average of what many drivers pay. You can encounter single repair costs that are much lower than that. Here are a few estimated repair costs that Audi drivers have seen, according to RepairPal:


We’d imagine most Audi drivers aren’t looking for the brand with the cheapest ownership costs. Then again, just because you can afford a repair doesn’t mean you want to deal with the hassle of negotiating with the repair shop and dipping into your savings. An Audi extended warranty could be worth it for peace of mind.

What Audi Coverage Do You Already Have?

All new Audi vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which includes:

  • Bumper-to-bumper coverage for 4 years/50,000 miles
  • Powertrain coverage for 4 years/50,000 miles
  • 24/7 roadside assistance for 4 years/unlimited mileage
  • 12-year limited corrosion warranty

Today, you would still have coverage if your Audi was put in service in 2017 or later. You could also have coverage if you bought a certified pre-owned (CPO) Audi. Audi’s CPO program is available to vehicles that are five model years old or newer with fewer than 60,000 miles.


The CPO warranty provides 12 months/unlimited miles of coverage. This is either tacked onto whatever is left of the factory warranty, or it begins when you purchase the car. This warranty covers slightly less than the factory warranty.

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