Audi creates world's first interactive YouTube driving experience

Back in the 1980s, the videogame Dragon's Lair used animated cutscenes instead of programmed sequences to portray the action. It was novel, but cumbersome to play. Audi's used the same principle to create the world's first interactive driving game on YouTube.

But where Dragon's Lair was supposed to kickstart the Laser Disk gaming industry at a time when interest in videogames was starting to lag a bit, Audi's game is just a nonlinear novelty. Using the keyboard, a player can issue several "moves," including a left turn, a right turn and slalom cuts. The control buttons scroll the YT player, relatively seamlessly, to queue up each of the scenes on the video timeline. It's almost like driving, if by driving you mean toggling.


It is, however, a lot like playing a videogame in 1981. It's also the best interactive YouTube game around. In your face, interactive shell game!

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