Audi A5 Images Go Netward Ahead of Geneva Reveal

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Our man, secret agent JF hipped us to what looks to have been a major leak of Audi A5 coupe imagery via Audi's German web site. That's all we have to vouch for this set of likely press shots ahead of the car's Geneva unveiling. Nonetheless, as Audi World points out, the A5 revives Audi's Coupe Quattro of old. It's also the first to be built on Audi's new B8 platform, which will host the next A4. But the question is, how well will it take on the BMW 3-Series coupe, which has had next to no competition for years?


[via Motor Talk, with additional info from Audi World]


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I've been bitching about Walter de'Silva's design direction for Audi for a few years, but the Nuvolari looked nice, so I thought maybe I was off base. Um, nope. He blew it. It screams 2003 Hyundai. Audi peaked with the last-gen TT, A6 and A8. Let's hope Egger can get things back on track, and that de'Silva doesn;t do this to anything else at VW.

Somewhere in Bavaria, Chris Bangle is laughing very very hard.