Audi A1 Marketing Stunt Fail

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This Audi A1 flipped over while climbing a halfpipe during a public marketing stunt at Cinqunantenaire Park in Brussels last week. Audi attempted to suppress photos of the incident, but here's the hilarious aftermath.

Audi's been giving test rides up-and-down a halfpipe in Brussels in order to demonstrate the skateboard-like maneuverability of the new Audi A1, but on the fourth day of testing a stunt driver nosed into the wall and flipped over on its side. The car was pushed over by Audi employees and the driver and passenger were quickly freed. The smoking car was then covered up and rolled away out of view of the public.


According to Het Nieuwsblad, Audi tried to keep the event quiet but eventually someone leaked the photos. Audi joins Lexus and Volvo as the latest in a spate of very-public embarrassing luxury car marketing fails. It reminds us that just because some hot-shot marketing and PR company tells an automaker they should do something cray like this to "build buzz," they should probably talk to the engineers who've built the car first. (Hat tip to M2M!)

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I don't understand cars this small that are this expensive.

Shouldn't small=cheap?

Also, what good is an Audi without quattro?