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If your Fangoria subscription is up to date, you know directors Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Sin CIty) and Quentin Tarantino are teaming up on a double-feature project, "Grind House," which sends up Saturday-night slasher flicks of the 1970s. Tarantino's piece is "Death Proof," a terror turn about a stuntman played by Kurt Russell (whither Mickey Rourke?) who stalks and murders women with his tricked-out, armored, death-proof Camaro. According to a leaked copy of the script, the stuntman meets his match when he goes after a stuntwoman, played by IRL stuntwoman Zoe Bell. According to IMDB, it's filming in Austin, Texas. As these things go, "Death Proof" will either be the best film ever made, or a sad, stilted pile of crap. There's probably no middle ground here, which of course is for the best. [Tip of the blade to The Car Connection]

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