Both directions of Interstate 94 in Michigan have been shut down in the wake of fatal pileup near Kalamazoo involving semi trucks and some 90 cars. At least one person is reported dead and several others are injured.

Michigan's Newschannel 3 reports that the wreck involves about 70 vehicles in the westbound lanes and 20 in the eastbound. At least 50 of them are semi trucks. One of those trucks was hauling 40,000 pounds of fireworks, some of which started going off when the crashes occurred.


Here's what one witness said:

"I'm getting debris from the fire on my car. I can see the fire now from here. There's fireworks going off," said Heather Jackson, who was involved in the pile-up. "As I approached I realized that all the cars were stopped in front of me. I seen some in the ditch and I seen cars behind me coming at me at regular speed and I knew if I didn't go into the ditch I was going to be hit."

Locals are asked to avoid the area. More on this as we get it.

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