Phil Remington wasn't just into racing. He was racing. But every race ends sooner or later, and at 92, Mr. Fix It had run his last lap. He passed away Friday.

Remington spent his entire life fabricating hot rods, racing, and helping create some of the most legendary cars of all time. Shelby Cobra. Le Mans GT40. Remington had a grease stained hand in both. His notable absence from motorsports was during World War II, when he served as a flight officer in the South Pacific.


After surviving that ordeal, he came back to the American West's dry lakebeds, evenutally, as he explained in an interview last year, to "...take a bunch of California hot-rodders and we whipped Ferrari's ass."

The remarkable thing is that he never stopped. He kept making race car parts at Dan Gurney's All American Racers until the end, reportedly never even missing a day of work in all that time. That, my friends, is passion.

(Hat tip to Gary!)