Mere weeks after showing you the supposed first rendering of the Aston Martin Rapide from the front we've got this supposed rear end shot of the new Aston to add to our collection.

As expected and as indicated by multiple spy shots, the Rapide stays remarkably similar to the original concept, full-length glass roof and all.

As we told you before, we're told to expect a two-intake, stacked front grille, a new crease that runs from the front wheels back through both doors, a redesigned trunk and rear clip with a chrome accent between the taillights. The interior should, more or less, resemble a four seat DB9, since that’s exactly what this car is.

Power will come from a 6.0-liter V12 making around 500 HP and 420 Lb-Ft of torque. While that sounds like more than enough, a faster version of the Rapide, tentatively called the Rapide R (get it?) is allegedly in the cards. Production will be carried out by Magna Steyr in Austria, meaning the Rapide stands half a chance of having quality that’ll live up to its near $300,000 price tag.



[via 4wheelsnews]