Illustration for article titled Aston Martin Ownership Machinations: Private Equity Firm Waiting for Prodrive to Blink

We can't help but root for Prodrive's David Richards to wind up with the title to Aston Martin. After all, the Prodrive boss and UK tycoon is a guy who knows his performance cars. Better him than some faceless UK private equity firm like Doughty Hanson, which Forbes says is waiting to snap up Ford's luxe brand if Richards stumbles. Word from investment bank UBS, which is overseeing the sale, is other bidders may be stalling, possibly due to beat-the-clock efforts to secure financing. The Mail reports Richards may be struggling to raise the cash needed to float Prodrive's high bid, reportedly in the neighborhood of $450 million. Mail all gestures of support to Jalopnik, in care of Prodrive. We'll make sure they get it.

Doughty Hanson eyes pole position in race for Aston Martin - report [Forbes]

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