Aston Martin One-77 Revealed at Galpin's Club Aston

As if there weren't already enough reasons to desire an Aston Martin, Galpin Motors in Van Nuys, California, provides yet another. When you purchase a new DB9, Vantage or DBS, you also get an electronic access card to Galpin's Club Aston.

While all Aston Martin dealerships provide such an owners lounge where you can stop by at any time to hang out with other owners, Galpin has gone several steps further by turning its lounge into a Bond villain's avant garde hide away. There's a hidden entrance, a bar, quasi-futuristic furniture, a small library, giant metal vault doors and a turn table in the middle of it all where new Astons are unveiled to their owners under an oh-so-cool Bond-like gun barrel design.

What better place, then, for Aston Martin to showcase its magnificent One-77 super car, fresh from its grand unveiling at Pebble Beach?

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I was hoping that this "Galpin" wasn't associated with the Galpin Ford that's oh-so-famous for creating insanely craptacular custom jobs.

Why did Aston pick the tackiest venue for... wait nevermind. One-77's the tackiest car they've ever made.

It joins the ranks of Ford Focus Tearor, Contour Tear Bear, Koffin Kruzer, the Dragulance, and the Glamourflage.

They even managed to get the Gulf liveried Ford GT wrong. I hate Galpin so much.