Aston Martin Just Built An Ice Track In Colorado And It's Glorious

Sliding Aston Martin V12's all over the place on ice is something we all want to do with our weekends. Actually, it's something we want to do every day, and with the British launching their first ice driving program in North America, your chances just got better.

Engineers spent many months perfecting the handling of their cars and making sure they had enough grip even with the 565 hp and 457 lb ft on tap as in the Vantage V12 S. Then, people ignore their efforts for a few hours in order to slide on ice like children.


To satisfy that inner child in their customers, Aston Martin launched an On Ice program at Crested Butte in the Rocky Mountains after building an ice track that took four month to complete.


The best noise those rocks have heard in a long time, that's for sure.

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