The Driver In A Deadly Baltimore Hit-And-Run Was An Episcopal Bishop

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Driving away from a hit-and-run — even one that doesn't end in injury or worse — is probably one of the worst moral decisions you can make. That's why it's so disturbing when a person defined by their devotion to a rigorous moral code does something so awful. A person like a Bishop.


The Bishop in question in the very first female Episcopal Bishop of Maryland, Heather Cook. Cook is the bishop suffragan, which is equivalent to the second-in-command of the Diocese. Cook struck a cyclist, on a road with set bike lanes in Baltimore, in her Subaru wagon and then left the scene. The 41-year old cyclist died from the collision.

The bishop did return to the scene 20 minutes later, according to church representatives. In an NBC news article, they quote from an email from the church:

"Several news agencies have reported this as a 'hit and run.' Bishop Cook did leave the scene initially, but returned after about 20 minutes to take responsibility for her actions."


So, I guess a 20-minute delay on doing the right thing is better than nothing.

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Gary Yogurt

Asshole. Please go to jail, Bishop. This happened in my neighborhood, where my wife and I walk and ride. There aren't a lot of roads in Baltimore with proper bike lanes and Roland Park is probably the safest of the lot. It's a huge stretch to call it anything but suburban and the area this happened is serene by Baltimore standards. This is shitty driving by a shitty person. Fuck.