Ask Travis Hester, Head Engineer Of The Cadillac CT6, Anything You Want

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Travis Hester’s is the Executive Chief Engineer of the new Cadillac CT6. Ask him anything you want!


I’m sitting right next to Mr. Hester here at the New York Auto Show, and he’s going to answer any questions you have about the Cadillac CT6, about Cadillac, about other cars, about cars in general, about life, passion, and finding meaning in this existence. I hope. He seems nice.

Hester will be here from 12:30 to 13:00 EST. Ask all your questions below.

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Mr. Hester,

Thank you for answering questions today!

I wanted to know, will the fully digital gauge cluster be the base model CT6 cluster or is it only available on the upper trim models?

I think it’s great, however I am even more worried about Cadillac using those horrible gauges, that are prevalent in the ATS and CTS, in their top of the line model. It is beyond me that you guys, in your desire to make a world class automobile, would think to skip over designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing gauge cluster.

What were you guys thinking here? If a customer is paying 35 - 80k for a one of your products, I would think Cadillac would notice that customers would have to LOOK AT THE GAUGES every once and a while.

Follow up: Will you guys be changing those horrible gauges out on later models?

Thanks a ton!