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Ask The Creators Of GRID 2 Anything You Want

Illustration for article titled Ask The Creators Of iGRID 2/i Anything You Want

Sim racing games are fun for few, but the community at large finds them boring. Arcade racing games are fun, but they're a bit too fake. So what if there was a game that combined the two? That's what GRID 2 wants to do. It's coming out next week, and the developers are here now to answer all your questions. Fire away!


With us we have two developers from Codemasters, Clive Moody and Iain Smith, who have been intimately involved with the development of GRID 2 from the start. I've gotten a good bit of hands on time with the game in both single player and multiplayer modes, and I've found that it isn't a full arcade racer and isn't a sim racer either.


It's actually a pretty nice little balance between the two, with a very cool multiplayer mode that goes across platforms and really opens up the world of online racing in a way that we've never seen before.

The developers are here for the next hour. Feel free to jump in and ask them anything about GRID 2, like how they designed it, the tracks they chose, the car selection, physics, video games, etc. Really anything you want.

Ask away, the floor is yours!

UPDATE: Clive and Iain had to run, but will be checking back to answer more questions over the coming days.

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Travis Okulski

How hard was it to bridge that gap between making the game accessible and getting enthusiasts interested as well?

Also, how helpful was Chris Harris in the development?