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Ask Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long Anything You Want

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Being a Porsche factory driver is like being a top-level Mi6 agent in that they're selective, elite, and almost always not American. It's why racer Patrick long is so important. He's 'Murican! And he's all extremely fast.


We're about the same age and in the time he's been racing, I've won Mario Kart. Twice.

The Californian has won the ALMS driver's championship three times, Le Mans twice, the Pirelli World Challenge Driver's championship once, and he even raced in V8 Supercars. The one time he raced in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series was right here at Watkins Glen, which must be slightly different from the Porsche he's pushing now.


Anyways, he's here to answer your questions about being the man.

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Patrick, what are your views on this car? Would you own and/or drive one? I asked the same question to Jordan and Ryan moments ago and both gave favorable responses. Thanks!