Ask Motorsports Nut And LA Angels Pitcher C.J. Wilson Anything

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C.J. Wilson is the starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels. But who cares about that? He owns C.J. Wilson Racing in the Continental Tire Series, has a McLaren 12C, and is waiting for his P1. And now he's here to answer any of your dying questions.

C.J. has been a motorsports fan for ages, but his involvement with the Angels means that he has less time than he'd like to race. In fact, the contracts make it hard for him to get out on track.

That doesn't mean he isn't contributing to motorsports. By owning C.J. Wilson Racing, he's laying the groundwork to become a fulltime racing driver once his baseball career is over.


But right now, he's in town pitching against the Yankees. He has some downtime and wants to answer whatever it is you might ask. Have a car question? Fire away. Baseball? Sure, why not. Other things? Ask away. He'll be here for the next hour. Let's get started!

Photo Credits: Miata - Sideline Sports Photography, C.J. - Getty Images

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Travis Okulski

traffic is hellacious getting to our office, but here's a text exchange CJ and I just had. He's one of us.