Ask Me Anything: Scott Burgess Edition

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Scott Burgess was the auto critic for The Detroit News until this week when he resigned after being forced to water down a review of the Chrysler 200 at the behest of an advertiser.

His editors have responded. The Detroit News has had a chance to respond. Even I've had a chance to respond. Now it's Scott's turn and he's choosing to do it here first (well, the first outlet with an audience measured in units higher than the dozens) and let you, the Jalopnik readers, ask the questions.


So go ahead, ask him anything in the comments below.

Scott will be around for the next 30 minutes — so hurry up and ask your questions, k?

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Patrick George

I don't have a question, but I wanted to come on here and commend Mr. Burgess for his strength of character.

I'm a newspaper journalist myself and what the Detroit paper did was completely unacceptable. It's a sign of the very sad state of our industry right now.

Kudos to Mr. Burgess for doing what was right - for doing what we were taught in Journalism school, and for remembering what many news managers seem to have forgotten.