Ask IndyCar And Corvette Racing Ace Ryan Briscoe Anything

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Ryan Briscoe has one of the most diverse careers in motorsports. He's test Formula One cars, raced prototypes and GT cars, and is also a multi-time winner on the IndyCar circuit. And now he's here to answer all of your dire questions.


This year marks Ryan's full time return to Chip Ganassi Racing, which is also where he cut his teeth in IndyCar years ago. It's also the team where he had a hellacious crash at Chicagoland Speedway in 2005.

He went to run Porsches for Penske in the ALMS afterwards and was then promoted to Penske's IndyCar squad, where he scored eight wins and a pole for the Indy 500.

After a year bouncing around after his tenure at Penske was up, he now has two of the most sought after rides in motorsports: The number 8 NTT Data IndyCar for Chip Ganassi Racing and an endurance driver for Corvette Racing ahead of the IndyCar season opener this Sunday (And you really should watch it). And now, his greatest honor: Ryan is here for the next hour to answer all of your questions.

Fire away!

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Hi Ryan,

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