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Ask 2015 Formula Drift Champion Fredric Aasbø Anything You Want

Illustration for article titled Ask 2015 Formula Drift Champion Fredric Aasbø Anything You Want

Norwegian Fredric Aasbø is the reigning 2015 Formula Drift champion, in America and in the World. He’s live on the site — ask him anything!


Aasbø is a huge figure in the drifting scene. He leads the Hankook Tires team (which also clinched the second and third places of the Formula Drift podium with Chris Forsberg and Ken Gushi),and he runs what may well be the gnarliest drift car the world over. It’s Papadakis Racing’s rear-drive converted widebody Scion tC with a Toyota four-cylinder from a minivan boosted to 800 horsepower.

He came from Norway one of the most wild (and crash-prone) drivers on the scene, but he’s honed his style to become hugely consistent, amazingly capable behind the wheel.


Aasbø is on top of the world right now in his field. Ask him whatever you want.

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Raphael Orlove

Hi Fredric — what should I know about Norwegian car culture? Did coming to America make part of the scene back home really stick out in your mind?