Ask 2013 Indy 500 Champion Tony Kanaan Anything

Tony Kanaan has had near Andretti-levels of terrible luck at the Indy 500. Seriously. But after years of trying, the fan favorite finally won the big race last year. He's going for a second win on Sunday, but right now he's here to answer your questions.


TK is known for a few things in the IndyCar paddock. First and foremost, he's just plain fast. Second, just because he doesn't qualify well doesn't mean he won't pass about 14 cars on the outside on the first lap. Third, he has a substantial nose. Fourth, he's an inveterate tweeter. And fifth, he loves his son, Leo, like nothing else.

Tony will start 16th for Sunday's running of the 500, but now's the time to ask him whatever you want. He'll be hanging out until 5:15, so get asking!

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