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Ask 18-Year-Old Racer Trent Hindman Anything You Want

Illustration for article titled Ask 18-Year-Old Racer Trent Hindman Anything You Want

Because he's 18, we've hidden all the beer in our RV from Trent Hindman, the series-leading Fall-Line Motorsports BMW in the Continental Tire Sports Car Championship. Ask him anything you want about racing, the Skyactiv lifestyle and, I don't know, Snapchat? He's 18!


Like many racers here, Trent started kart racing at the age of 8, going on to win multiple club championships near his home in New Jersey. From there he went open wheel in various formats, including the Ontario Formula Ford Championship, Formula Ford 1600, and USF2000.

This year Trent is in the lead in the Fall-Line Motorsports BMW in the E92 M3 along with factory driver John Edwards, who are leading in the Grand Sport class of the CTSCC. Anyways, he's here, he'll be famous one day if he keeps this up, and he's a college freshman.

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Hi Trent, I also drive a E92 M3, but one that is no where as cool as yours. What kind of exhaust setup do you have on your car? And is there anything else thats interesting about it that you could perhaps shed light for us? Thank you.