Asia frees secret stash of 150 never-driven Neons

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The laws of supply and demand win again; Just when American used cars were becoming more expensive, a Singapore-based entrepreneur has decided now's the time to sell a cache of 150 1997 never-driven Chrysler Neons.

The Neons and their grinning rictus had a moment of glory in the late '90s, but how and why 150 stripped-down versions lacking even radios managed to survive untouched is a mystery. The seller offers no other details about these vehicles, such as what kind of transmission they have or even if they've even been turned over. Given the Pompei-esque layer of dust upon their windows, you should guess the answer is "no."

Given that a Neon in good shape is still worth a couple thousand dollars, the price of $1,350 per Neon here isn't astronomical — until you consider shipping, care and God-only-knows condition of the interior. Maybe it's just the best prank ever pulled by the Sultan of Brunei.


Hat tip to Nolan!

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This reminds me of something that popped into my head upon seeing a somewhat rare Plymouth Neon on the street this weekend...

Were the Plymouth and Dodge Neon actually the exact same car, just with different badges?

If so, is that literally the worst example of badge-engineering ever?