For the low sum of $33 million, you could own this collection of 60 vehicles used in various James Bond films, and when I say low sum, I might not be exaggerating. $33 Million is certainly no small sum, not to mention the additional costs of transporting, storing, and maintaining this veritable armada, but I think there might be quite a bang for your buck here.

Included in the collection are 6 Aston Martin's including two DB5s, a vintage DBS, two V8s from For Your Eyes Only (including one with skis), and a Vanquish from Die Another Day. You'll also find a Toyota 2000GT (not used in the film), 4 Lotus Esprits including a submarine prop, 2 BMWs including a Z8 and a 750il, a Mustang Mach I from Diamonds Are Forever, a Rolls Royce Sedanca de Ville and a host of other oddities including half of a Renault 11. Also, a Lockheed Jetstar and a Russian T55 tank (!) which will come in handy if you're a super villain.

The last time a Bond DB5 was sold, it went for $4.1 Million and there are two here–one from Goldeneye and another from the George Lazenby film Man From U.N.C.L.E. A Toyota 2000GT recently sold for $1.2 Million. Elon Musk recently bought one of the Lotus Esprit Submarines for $866,000. So those alone are worth nearly a third of the asking price, and that doesn't include all of the other big dollar items.

Of course there's no way to ascribe exact values to all of these items, so I could never definitively say that this collection is indeed good value for money, but it certainly seems to be.

The collection is currently owned by property developer and car collector Michael Dezer, where it is housed in the Miami Auto Museum. It's being sold by Dezer's representatives in the UK Stuart & Barbara Donovan of Mayfair Motors. So, if you have $33 Million burning in your pocket and a huge warehouse, contact them for more info.

Photo Credit: Mayfair Motors