Artists Create Working Post-Apocalyptic Drive-In

For two artists, it wasn't enough to merely display their films on a screen in a museum, so they turned 25 soon-to-be-scrapped cars into the seating for a custom-built theater that looks like a drive-in after a Soviet thermonuclear attack.

The display space is called "Empire Drive-In" and is setup in the South Hall of the San Jose Museum of Art. There's a screen made up mostly of reclaimed wood and all the cars are equipped with receivers playing audio projected over low-power radio. And just like at a real drive-in there will be snacks and confections.


The work is the creation of Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark and opened September 16th. The opening included a live concert to go with the showing of the 01SJ "Future Films" series. Here's video of them loading the cars into the exhibit, which looks like too much fun.

(Hat tip to Scoutch!)

Photo/Video Credit: MediaChef, Everett Taasevigen, Todd Chandler, and Jeff Stark

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