Art of the pinstripe

Last month we showed you Josh Clason's excellent video highlighting the cars of Viva Las Vegas. Although we watch a lot of car videos in the name of bringing you the best weekend Jalopnik possible, Clason's VLV video was one of the best we'd seen in a while. Accordingly, we were very excited to come across a newer video of his this week on the Hemmings Motor News blog.


The filmmaker is currently traveling around the country recording a series of profiles about some of the interesting people the automotive world has to offer for He is calling the project "Depth of Speed" and it shouldn't come as surprise the profiles are well shot and very interesting. Episode two is shown here, profiling custom pinstriper extraordinaire Andy Kawahara.



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Nikola Tesla

The shame is, he's right about there being little want for painters anymore. I'm 20, but I might as well be 70; I come from an old school when it comes to things. High-quality, careful work into everything you do, and most of all, handmade over everything. I've been trying to teach myself how to weld, use a dremmel, all of that, mainly because the shops in my area aren't interested in the younger kids anymore. I might have to try pinstriping, if they're that nice; it certainly wouldn't kill me to have another skill under my belt.