It's telling that each one of the three Jalopniks did a separate double-take and quick "Whoa- what's that thing?" as we encountered this Thames Freighter 800 van at Laguna Seca last weekend, a reaction that puzzled onlookers clustered around an Enzo a few yards away- here are these guys with press passes totally ignoring the Ferrari in favor of a van! It looked Econoline-ish from a distance (and, in fact, it is a Ford), but up close we realized that the Thames is even cooler. This van was sold in Britain as the Thames 400E (and here's a worship site that will explain more of its story), but fortunately they made an export version with left-hand drive. Judging by the black-on-yellow license plate, we assume this is one of the late-50s models. Check out the great nose vents, placed so as to direct air and bugs directly into the driver's crotch!