I blue myself this morning: Arrested Development will be officially back on Netflix next month. All 15 episodes will be available at once on May 26. That's the same day as the Indy 500, which, as far as I know, doesn't include a stair car.

So yeah, race fans are in a bit of a conundrum. Do you wait a day to watch Arrested, which will be available in perpetuity until Netflix goes out of business? Or do you record the Indy 500, a live sporting event, and then watch it the next day when you'll inevitably complain about spoilers?

Decisions, decisions. How about an Indy 500/Arrested Development watch party? That could work for everyone! I say we have the party down at Burger King. It's a wonderful restaurant! They'll supply unlimited juice, which will ensure that the party will be off the hook.