Armored Hummer H2: For The Asshole Who Gets Shot At

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When we called the Hummer H2 a car for "Ed Hardy-wearing assholes," our friends at Texas Armoring noticed and built a special Jalopnik rotating license plate for their up-armored Hummer H2. Here it is in action.


Texas Armoring Corporation is famous both for its high-tech armored cars and its TLC reality TV show, but for a television family, they've got quite the sense of humor. When we said the Hummer H2 was an ideal choice for assholes in Ed Hardy clothing, they jotted that down and built us this special Hummer H2.

Naturally, the straight-out-of-James-Bond rotating license plate is "for promotional use only." The smoke screen, armored body panels, kevlar sheeting, and ballistic glass are there to keep the truck's occupants safe. The H2 may not be our first choice for an armored car, but props to TAC for removing the thousands of lights that normally make it look so ridiculous. Almost looks... normal, doesn't it?

[Source: Texas Armoring]


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