Illustration for article titled Ariel Atom vs. REVA G-Wiz in London

Ariel Atom vs. G-Wiz. It's possibly the greatest vehicular mismatch ever captured on camera. But the odds are not completely against the puny G-Wiz.


It’s quite a challenge to keep one’s imagination at bay when considering the above image. On technical specs, it’s no contest. The car in front is an Ariel Atom, a British-built land rocket with a 300 HP engine, notable for the significant transformation it brought about in Jeremy Clarkson’s face on Top Gear. Behind the Atom is a REVA G-Wiz, an Indian-made electric car for two adults and two children which will very slowly accelerate all the way to 50 MPH. It’s so small, it’s not even a car in Europe: it’s classified as an L7e heavy quadracycle.

Yet consider the drivers: the man commanding the Atom is at pains to look cool in his colored sunglasses and snowboarder hat. Breathing down on his neck, the men in the G-Wiz are dressed in Reservoir Dog suits. And it’s really not that hard to image the child seats in the back occupied not with children but with blunt instruments of terror.


No, one should never challenge men in a G-Wiz to a drag race. Not even if your car will out-accelerate a high-energy proton.

Photo Credit: Máté Petrány

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