UPDATE: It's official, here's the fist photo of the new Atom 500, the V8-powered Ariel! We've seen the Ariel sporting a dual hayabusa V8, and we've just heard the news about the Caterham 7 RS, which will sport an RS Performance V8. Combine those stories and you get the Atom 500, which reportedly will feature the same 500 horsepower V8. The car will be built in small numbers with delivery this spring for people whose faces have already been permanently warped by the current version.

Though performance numbers haven't been released, we can expect it to go a bit faster than the Ariel Atom 3, which utilizes a 2.0-liter VTEC Honda engine with only 245 horsepower. We're waiting for the RS Performance V8-powered KTM X-Bow, which we're guessing will be announced on Friday. [CarTribe]