Illustration for article titled Arian Foster Bought The Texans O-Line Segways And Matt Schaub Is Concerned About Everyones Safety

After taking heat from them for being "too good to walk," Texans running back Arian Foster decided to show appreciation for his offensive line by buying each one of them a Segway for Christmas, which he seems to love as much as poetry and veganism.


They appear to be coming around to the idea, but Texans QB Matt Schaub seems a bit nervous at the prospect of 300-lb lineman zooming around the locker room on the gyroscopic scooters.

"I just want them to be careful. There's too many people walking around, too many obstacles, I wanna make sure they're safe," a nervous Schaub told reporters, perhaps remembering last year when a foot injury took him out of a game before his replacement, Matt Leinert, succumbed to injury two quarters later.


"Well we're athletes man, we have body control, it's all about body control with this thing, we're all right, We won't harm ourselves at all," insisted 5th-year tackle Duane Brown.

To be fair to Schaub, the owner of Segway died when he drove one off a cliff so…

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